About Us

About Us

Here at Liquid Jungle Entertainment we thrive on creativity, and we do all we can to foster a collaborative and engaging work environment.

Everything we do is done in house, allowing us to deliver your video in a timely manner. We work with you to ensure the video is exactly how you envisioned, with some added Diamond View spice.

Our Vision

We are committed to growing your business.  We understand you have a vision for your business and we believe there are no easy paths to success.  Making that journey with the right partner will increase your chances of getting there.  When our Tampa marketing agency partners with you, we pursue consistent progress in order to see growth you inspire.

Meet Our Staff

        Michael Markovina

Executive Producer

Michael is an award-winning Producer from his film Within. He has been in this industry since 1987 and has worked for and procured financing for major motion pictures. During his tenure at Paramount Pictures Mr. Markovina has learned to produce movies from industry standards. He has been nominated three times for best acting, once for best editing and once for best production. A graduate of Film, from USC, Mr. Markovina brings talent and experience to a well-rounded cast and crew. Mr. Markovina has worked with famous names like, Andy Garcia, Brad Pitt, Angel Salazar and directors like Steven Soderberg and Tony Scott.

Jesse Winslow

Corporate Director

Jesse is an aspiring producer. He’s always had a deep interest in film, music and theater. He has studied film analysis and Spanish film. Computer music was once a major hobby of his.  He has also tried his hand at writing screenplays and books. He is currently attending Indiana University online for his MBA degree.

Angel Pomelas 

                      Associate Producer

Angel , in between working on sales for more than 12 years, has always been drawn to film.  He has written three screenplays, with one, “Protege”,  currently in contract to be written as a book.  Under the tutelage of Michael Markovina, his producing skills have excelled, allowing his first credit on IMDB.