In Production

In Production

Stuck, A Documentary

Stuck is a documentary about drug addiction, prostitution and murder. A true story based on real people and the underlining problem that not only Sarasota is facing but is a nationwide epidemic. Manatee County, the Drug overdose of Florida, had 991 overdose calls last year. This documentary is going to prelude the Major Motion Picture, White Slavery, which will start shooting just after the documentary is completed.

Around and About Town

Television Show about the night life in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas, with your Hosts Michael Markovina and TBA.

White Slavery is a gritty in your face film about how normal people are lured into the dark underworld of drugs, prostitution, money and a false sense of power. It is about the loss of innocent lives and the effect on the people left behind. It’s about escaping into an irrational world and making irrational decisions that all seem to make sense. And how this deviant way of life has become their new norm.