Our Services

We specialize in video production for small and large businesses, musicians, entertainers, newlyweds, and those looking to make films.  Whether you need a social media or TV commerical, corporate video, PSA, music video, MLS listing, interview, wedding video, motion picture…you get the idea! We also do stroyboarding, Script Ananlysis, production budgets and more. We can do it all!

A typical 30 second commercial takes about 5 hours to shoot and about the same amount of time to edit (see rates on the right).

Current Commercial Promotion

30 second + 2 minutes 30 second commercial videos:

For internet – $1000*

For TV – $2100*

*Additional rates may apply.

All commercials are posted on our high traffic Facebook page and website free of charge (with your permission).


  • Steadicam w/ operating – $200 per hour
  • Camera, lights and sound w/ operator – $100 per hour
  • Editing – $50 per hour. We have the full Adobe suite and one of the fastest computer processors on the market.
  • Drone: $250 per hour
  • Additional equipment, i.e. crane, comes from other subcontractors at additional rates.
  • Other charges may apply for special services or video elements such as story-boarding, budgeting, script-writing, A-list celebrities etc.